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Best Walks : Delivering Tourism Solutions

You are a local authority, a tourist authority, a privately or charitably held venue. And you are probably in some part of Ireland, Britain or coastal islands

You need to promote walking, heritage or wildlife venues, possibly because:

  1. Your council sees it as an important local amenity.
  2. Your development plan seeks benefit from regional and international tourism.
  3. You need to win income from existing capital expenditure..

You want to kick-start the process… and looking for a solution has brought you here.

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Oak: Irish Midlands tourist destination.

3BestWalks and 5BestWalks  are project co-sponsoring initiatives from David Marshall, for local authorities and others who want to provide walks and heritage experience in their area.


From Best Walks you get  David, a dedicated experienced professional to research and write entertaining and engaging guides to walks, heritage and wildlife amenities in your area? Someone to help you understand the requirements of your project and the opportunities for delivering practical results.

Save some time and pick up the phone now and call me to discuss your project, because if you’re not suspicious you’re at least going to have a lot of questions. The chat and at least the initial meetings are free, and providing I can win a suitable income from the sale of guides through 3 Best Walks ( then my cost to you will be minimal.

And you will have successfully carried forward an important contribution to your local economy.

Technical expertise: In the process you will benefit from the technical expertise of myself and my professional colleagues in areas of:

  • Tourism, understanding tourist requirements and areas of appeal, defining your target market
  • Tourism promotion. Understanding your target market and promoting your amenities to them
  • Assistance in creating appealing walking routes and other interactive events that embrace your area’s natural and human heritage.
  • Appropriate research for engaging visitors, including walking routes,  heritage and wildlife research to create visitor appeal
  • Creation of a 3BestWalks guide pack for sale nationwide and online.

Key stake holders and sensitivities: To quote from recent reviews:  He always gives me clear information about what he is doing and why, which is excellent… David is good at building trust, in dialog with the stakeholders and delivers super final output… I really enjoy working with David… There is always an agreed plan of action, an awareness of sensitivities, and no actions are undertaken without prior instruction and approval.

Call me now, lets explore some possibilities:

  • RoI  048 9099 7888
  • UK   028 9099 7888

Or email me a brief and your details and ask me to call: david @ (UK & RoI Press ID: 095448)

I’ll look forward to discussing your needs. And those first consultations are always free.

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