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Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler

17 November 2016

When is a pot, not a pot? – When it’s a mug obviously. And a pan? Well you just have to figure that one out for yourself.
…………But the Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler  works well as all three. And as a bowl. And as a kettle. That kind of multi-purpose functionality is, gram for gram, just what we should demand from our outdoor, wild-country, back-country, backpacking gear …

Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler - Backpacking Mug/Pot/Pan combination

Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler – Sack ready after lunch in Baile na Móna (Ireland’s Ancient East).

Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler is born

Vargo Outdoors took their Ti-Lite 750ml mug. (The mug that thought it was a pot. Or is it a pot that thinks it’s a mug? Whatever, it has more fans than fireworks on halloween). Made it 20% bigger and called it the Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-900 Mug. Perfect for solo trekkers. Cleverly designed. Very well made. And conveniently easy to clean. There’s no doubt it’s: Trail ready.

But wait. There’s more…

Vargo watched for all those neat little tricks we long distance packers have: Using your plate as a pan lid to warm food. Frying sausages in your breakfast bowl. Foraging everything from blackberries to chestnuts with your cooking pot. Those “lets-make-do-and-go-light” strategies.

So aiming to give us that much-loved trail-flexibility

They revised their design of the Ti-900 mug lid and made it a 400ml pan. Or was it that they revised the design of a pan and made it a bowl. To be honest I’m not sure. But I am sure, that with these two pots together: The Ti-900 mug and the 400 ml pan,  you can forage, boil, cook, fry, drink and eat.

185 grams of trail flexibility they call the Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-BoilerTrail ready and trail flexible. Use each part individually or stacked together:

Vargo Outdoors Titaium Ti-Boiler : 900ml mug, 400ml pan & mesh stow bag (c)2016 David Marshall

Vargo Outdoors Titaium Ti-Boiler : 900ml mug, 400ml pan & mesh stow bag

The 400 ml pan/lid

Pure titanium construction, designed and manufactured with the same care and attention evident in its partner the Ti-900 Mug. The pan features:

  • A good compromise in the radius of the folds between the sides and the base: Easy cleaning, with a safe wobble-free fit to the mug. A roll of metal forms the lip, and makes it sturdy.
  • Perfectly fitted butterfly pan handles, fold out and insulate even delicate hands. A neatly executed bracket ensures no slop, no rough edges and minimum deformation.
  • Saving of weight: Substituting for this Ti-Boiler pan/lid for the lid of the Ti-900 mug takes an extra  55+ grams, but wins all the extra flexibility.
Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler : Using the 400ml lid as a breakfast bowl (c)2016 David Marshall
Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler : Using the 400ml lid as a breakfast bowl


Cleaning the pan is as easy as cleaning the Ti-900 mug. Even the burnt oil and fried residue surrendered to the old trick of a little olive oil and a nylon pan scrubber, giving that light sheen.


The pan, like the mug, is bio-compatible. And using the burnt-oil stained pan to forage blackberries didn’t flavour them at all. Neither could I tell it was anything other than a breakfast bowl when I used its convenient 400 ml shape & size to eat my breakfast muesli.


  • Trail Ready:  Considered design. Quality materials and manufacture.
  • Trail Flexible: Possible uses are well thought through. Both parts can work like pots, pans, mugs, lids, bowls and a kettle.  Either together or apart. You can carry it empty for foraging. Or pack it with your micro stove and a 100g gas can for quick stop cooking.
  • Easy to use, clean and carry: One less thing you have to think about on the trail.
  • Ultra-light: Take it with the Vargo Titanium Hexagon Stove and  utensils. You’ll still be carrying less than 350 grams with everything you need to cook, eat and drink.


  • In Europe, at least, titanium is not the cheapest option. But import duties aside, with the Vargo Titanium Ti-Boiler, you do get what you pay for. And the pleasure  will be delivered to you slowly over time, day after day, on the trail.

Best uses

  • Solo backpacking, trekking, general mountaineering.
  • Hot meals & drinks solo day mountaineering or hill-walking
  • Valuable in a two pot combo when duo/trio packing.
  • Works with foraged fuel stoves, alcohol, pressurised petrol or propane/butane.


Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler : Easily holds a 100g gas can and a micro stove (c)2016 David Marshall
Vargo Outdoors Titanium Ti-Boiler : Easily holds a 100g gas can & micro stove

Useful links

Web site: Vargo Outdoors

Product page:
The Titanium Ti-Boiler at Vargo Outdoors

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Insane pricing alert:
The Vargo Ti-Boiler at




Supplied by Vargo and used for real, mainly with the Vargo Hexagon Wood Burning Stove
You can read My product review policy and practices.

A couple of images from the field


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