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#NationalMapReadingWeek : The Twitter Quiz – Questions

19 October 2016

It’s one thing to sit at the kitchen table one weekday evening with the map spread out in front of you as you delight in planning your next Sunday walk. You’ve plenty of light to see-by. The minor draught coming through the kitchen door is nothing compared to the 50km winds you might experience walking along a ridge. And assuming your roof is in good order you are likely to be warm and dry.

It’s quite another when you are actually out there. The cloud base has dropped. An unexpected front has passed over, the temperature has fallen, humidity risen and it’s started to rain. Your companions want to cut the walk short, and you need to look at the map and find a safe “escape” route quickly.

What makes this map easy to read..?

In Britain, this week is National Map Reading Week #NationalMapReadingWeek and it is that initiative that gave rise to this Twitter quiz to help you discover how a map is made so that you can work efficiently in those conditions.

I asked five questions, each one focusing on one bit of map detail. We’ll take a look at the answers at 11am on Thursday 20th October. In the meantime you can view the questions again here.  So read on…

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:


Question 5:


You know this isn’t really a quiz.  It’s called a “Discovery Activity”. It’s there to encourage you to think about why something is the way it is, and to help you link it to your own experience.  It was intended to be useful to you and expand your enjoyment outdoors.

Answers: Well OK. Here they are: #NationalMapReadingWeek : The Twitter Quiz – Answers

What map did I use?

harveys-logo-1The Twitter images used in this quiz and re-displayed here are taken from the Harvey Maps SUPERWALKER map of the MOURNE MOUNTAINS. It is 1:25000 scale, GPS compatible and waterproof. The images are courtesy of Harvey Maps Ltd

All images remain the copyright of Harvey Maps Ltd.

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