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My Favourite Walk in …

What’s your favourite country walk in your English or Irish county? That’s the question I’m putting to anyone across the 48 ceremonial counties of England or any of the 32 counties of Ireland. I expect to win some engaging answers.

There are a couple of easy rules: It has to be a country walk that can be replicated by other folk that live in the county. It needs to be written up somewhere so that we can point readers and ramblers towards it. And if they can provide a word or two of commentary, and maybe a couple of pictures, then that’s just brilliant.


Counties and their Country Walks : The Contents List

Entries will begin in January 2017. Please subscribe to the blog to be notified.

Your Favourite Walk?  A suggestion?

As much as I love the tops and the high places, I have to admit to being a real fan of English country walking. There is nothing like it in Ireland, and struggling to find a country walk in even 10 counties is going to be difficult. In England however we are all spoiled for choice.

So if you have a favourite walk in your county then drop me a line, either with this form or to david @ And we’ll try to highlight it here at

Facebook & Google+: And if you use either Facebook or GooglePlus, you can keep up to date with bits of walking info by liking Best Walks on Facebook or adding BestWalks to your GooglePlus circles.

Wales & Scotland: At some point I plan on adding the 8 preserved counties of Wales and the now abolished 33 counties of Scotland (unless I’m advised by a Scot-in-the-know that I should use regions, districts and islands). So if anyone offers a suggestion I won’t refuse it.

And you can find this page again at

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Updated: 5 November 2016


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