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The OUTDOOR HANDBOOK : Introduction

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Useful information and skills for all outdoor activities: That could be hillwalking, cycling, running, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, skiing, snow-shoeing, car camping, sailing or taking the kids for a picnic.  Actually for anyone who steps out of their front door… you don’t even need to step off the pavement. Here are some of the skills and information David plans on covering:

  • FINDING YOUR WAY… easy steps with a map and compass… using your smartphone…
  • GETTING WEATHER-WISE… finding info on the weather… is rain on the way? …
  • READING THE LANDSCAPE… jammers with information, the landscape can be a great source of info and entertainment.

And a sprinkling of other skills and info that will add to your enjoyment of the outdoors and your outdoor activities.

Features for the Outdoor Handbook will be published as blog posts in It should all be mobile phone friendly so in areas where there is coverage you’ll be able to find and read the information here.

Update, 26August 2016:  Publication should begin in late Autumn 2016.

Image of a day walker in the Sierra de Abodi.

A day walker inspects a direction sign on a summit ridge of the Sierra de Abodi in northern Navarre (Spain).

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