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Aluminium cooking pots vs Titanium cooking pots

22 August 2014

My backpacking cooking needs are changing. So when scouring the web for something in titanium, I came across this. Some of it surprises me. Aluminium conducts heat far faster than Titanium, so I’m guessing requires different management… still overall I found this useful.

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Aluminium cooking pots vs Titanium cooking pots .

Five years ago when I first started to get into lightweight bushwalking I replaced my super heavy MSR Alpine Stainless Steel pots (741.5g) with a two lighter Titanium Snow Peak pots (316.7g), this was a saving of 424.8g, after several years of faithful use, on one trip I wanted to cook a gourmet meal where I needed some slightly larger pots. I therefore went through my collection of pots, carefully weighing each one to work out which combination of two pots gave me the volume that I needed with the lightest combination, the combination that I ended up with was two cheap aluminium pots which I had purchased from my local camping shop. While the Ti pots are very tough, Ti is a very poor conductor of heat and whenever I tried to reheat a meal like a curry the food got burnt…

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