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Twitter : @BestWalks

INFLUENCE 4X stronger than top 25 brands.
Best Walks currently beats 1.75 million Twitter impressions annually.
Peak engagements at almost 9% and average at 2.4% for the last 28 days.
Source: Twitter.
Click-thro’ currently averages 18 links clicks a day (range 9 to 29).
Source: Twitter
Quality: To walkers, hill walkers, ramblers, & mountaineers. And some campers, cyclists, canoeists and other outdoor enthusiasts. Mainly (88%) in Britain and Ireland.

Fanbridge reports average active Twitter account engagement varying from more than 0.5% to less than 1% for a 28 day average. SocialBakers reports an engagement of 0.7% for the top 25 brands.

At Best Walks: With an average engagement of 2.4% per tweet, this confirms BestWalks  has having a connection influence 4x higher than that of the leading 25 brands own accounts.

As an example this apparently simple tweet scored 56 engagements from 627 impressions. That’s an 8.9% engagement level.  Generated 5 click thro’s to the manufacturer’s Twitter account, and two re-tweets.  One expects the RTs will have generated a proportional impact.

Other essential stats:

>90% of my contacts/followers have one of the specific primary outdoor interests listed in the policy & practice section below. Principally they are hill walking, camping and similar.

>67% live in the United Kingdom, ie Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and the Isle of Man.

>21% live in the Republic of Ireland

<3% live in the European union or Scandinavia

So 91% are local to the UK/Irish/English speaking EU market.

6% live in North America, with a significant portion expressing an interest in trekking in Europe.

The remaining <3% are scattered around the globe, including Africa, Asia and the Antipodes. Most of these are contacts with a technical or knowledge specialty, eg Kilimanjaro, trekking inside the Arctic Circle.

Raas Insights : Best Walks engagement (c)2016 All Rights Reserved

RaaS Insights shows this analysis of engagement with my followers


I do not follow accounts simply to increase my apparent number of followers.

Impressions: According to Twitter these generally fall between 550 and 900 impressions per planned tweet. This number is increasing with the steady increase in the number of followers, validated as having an interest in country walking, rambling, trekking and/or mountaineering.

Twitter generally reports that my tweets have up to 5000 impressions in any 24 hour period. In other words every day up to 4000 impressions are read by residents of the Britain and Ireland who have an expressed interest in walking, camping or related outdoor pursuit. That is now approaching two million impressions per annum.  I am currently studying the best times to achieve the highest number of impressions and most significant community engagement. And running a series of tests with the short code to test copy of greatest engagement.

Policy & practice:

I use @BestWalks (2.5k followers) for connections with those who have identified a specific primary interest, either by their profile, their tweet history or the photographs/videos on their accounts. This interest includes: Walking, rambling, hill walking, trekking, general mountaineering and an enthusiasm for the outdoors generally.  I have a limited number of connections with specialists in natural and human heritage. All connections were researched and identified manually.

As a writer, I follow these connections regularly with genuine interest in their tweeted content. I also follow most of the key brand names in the outdoor industry and relevant government departments and NGOs separately.

I aim to encourage re-tweets by providing content relevant to connections/followers. And re-tweeting of my content is on the increase. I believe this is in part supported by my use of my own brand short links: for links pointing to material authored at Best Walks and for material elsewhere that has been reviewed and vetted by Best Walks. Anecdotal evidence shows an increase in click thro’ from 349 clicks in one 30 day period to 512 clicks for the following 30 days when was used as the branded link.

I use @scrybler (1.2k followers)  for my twitter connections as a general journalist/writer, but also tweet out Best Walks related material when an international audience is required.


I tweet links to my own content on this site (BestWalks), my Facebook page titled Best Walks and my Google+ (GooglePlus) page titled BestWalks). I respond to other tweets when I have something specific to add, either information or images. I retweet information relevant to my audience.

Followerwonk now recommends a minimum of 9 tweets a day to stay current.

Daily tweet limit – as appropriate:

  1. 2 to 5x day for links to my own content
  2. Up to 5x day for retweets of content from my Twitter connections/followers
  3. 2 to 3x day for conversational responses


New followers: I try to re-tweet relevant, engaging content from the tweet history of new followers.

General Tweet Stream: From the general tweet stream, I try to retweet, current information about walking, including: locations, routes, natural & human heritage, Twitter connections/followers experience, relevant equipment/gear reviews/product announcements.


Updated: 18 November 2016