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The Outdoor Handbook : Contents

Here are all the entries from Walking With David, that combine to make the Outdoor Handbook. Just click on the links coloured a dark red to open the entry.

Finding Your Way

Using a Compass : Finding NorthGot a compass in your smartphone, bought an actual compass from an outdoor retailer… but have never used one before? Then these short guides are meant just for you

Rivers & Streams : Left bank, right bank  – Off you set on your weekend walk, guide book in hand, conscientiously following the route instructions.  “Follow the left bank of the stream” the author has written. But there is a path on both sides of the stream, which do you take?

Getting Weather-Wise

… features are on the way from November 2016 onwards.

Looking After Yourself

… features are on the way from October 2016 onwards.

Useful skills in the Outdoors

Video : How to use a (Swedish) Fire Steel – If you’ve never used a fire steel to light a fire before, then this short video will help you

Video : Opening your Opinel – Opinel knives from the French Savoie region are increasingly popular with walkers, campers, backpackers and trekkers. Here is a short video showing the traditional method for opening and closing the knife with one hand.

Product Reviews

Playing With Fire – A Walking With David feature on why I began using foraged fuel for my outdoor cooking.

All Fired Up : The Kelly Kettle – This is a review of a stove that you can use pretty much any time you are outdoors: for pic-nics, camping, trekking or just making a hot drink when you’re out in the countryside. You might be fishing, bird-watching or taking a pit-stop from enjoying a bike, motorbike or car drive around the country.

Vargo Hexagon Titanium Stove – The lightest smallest wood burning and foraged fuel stove that I know of. And a confirmed favourite of mine.

Reading the Landscape

… features are on the way from January 2017 onwards.

Updated: 15 September 2016