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Short Links Directory

David Marshall’s branded short links directory

The URN: (re: Best Walks) is the registered short codes brand of David Marshall and is used to provide short links for the following domains:

The URN  (re: walking) is used to point at internet material visited and recommended as reading by Best Walks.  The URN will be used for The Oudoor Handbook.

David Marshall has a personal URN: which may also be used by Best Walks.

To explain: All of David’s short links use the URL: and where “BWlink” and “BWlinks” are unique codes. These example URLs link to this page:

David uses these unique short codes to track activity on the above internet sites. No personal information of any kind is collected, but the codes do allow David to see which links and link locations are more popular than others, and to help him determine which blog posts and internet pages are the least and most popular. No other persons or organisations can produce URLs using these short codes. No other persons or organisations, other than and Rebrandly have access to the tracking information they record.


This means that you can trust these four URN short codes knowing that the three representing material authored by David or Best Walks use the https:// certified protocol, and that only David Marshall could have created them.

Key short codes… (awaiting update for

URLs of main domains
Best Walks –
The Outdoor Handbook –
The Trail Walking Guide –
Arctic Circle Trail Guide –
Mourne Walks –

Social Media and related links

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) competencies –
Facebook: Walking With David –
Google+: Best Walks –
Instagram: Best Walks –
Twitter: Best Walks –

Updated: 14 November 2016